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Summer Virtual Coaching Program

Online coaching gives all the feedback and information of an in-person lesson, as well as the game improvement plans I design for every student.


June through October I am offering virtual lesson programming utilizing the CoachNow app.  Because of the time requirements to write weekly programs, analyze and record videos as well as chart stats, this program will be limited to 20 students!


How it works:


  • Students will fill out a quick survey to cover where their game is currently, as well as their goals for the summer and areas they want to improve.

  • I will send a stat tracking sheet that can be used after rounds and sent back to me to chart.

  • Students will then create a free account on the CoachNow app.  

  • Every week the student will upload a video or videos of the area of focus.  They will also give feedback on current ball flight and contact issues

  • I will analyze and voice over notes on the video as well as provide practice drills and a plan for the week.  

  • After each week students can follow up via the CoachNow app or email with stats and feedback on progress.

  • Each week the programs are adjusted and new drills are added.




This program is a monthly subscription.  A student can do 1 month or as many as they want and cancel at any time.  


The cost is $200 per month, if you purchase all 5 months up front it is $900.


Contact me directly to reserve your spot or purchase on the button below.


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