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Steve has made a huge impact in both my long game and my putting over the past 2 years.  I can't thank him enough for helping me achieve of the victories I've had.


Florida Mid-Am  Champion, Chip Brooke


The understanding Steve gave me of both my golf swing and how to develop have helped me have consistent success.

PA Amateur Champion 2015, USGA Mid-AM Quarter Finalist, Chris Ault

chuck black.jpg

"So after your lessons, I've won my flight in the Club Championship (after finishing dead last in the entire club, old ladies included, 3 years in a row) and now the last 2 weeks have shot 4 straight rounds in the 70's, matching the number of rounds in the 70's the previous 5 years. Crazy man. You should have a show on Golf Channel or something"

Chuck Black, River Strand Member

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