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With over a decade of dedicated teaching experience, my passion lies in nurturing players of all skill levels, empowering each individual to surpass their personal goals and unlock their full potential on the course.

My own journey in golf began as a collegiate player, representing both East Tennessee State and then Villanova University with pride and distinction. Graduating from Villanova in 2007, I transitioned into the realm of professional play, honing my skills and deepening my understanding of the game until 2011.

Equipped with an unwavering commitment to excellence, I've invested in cutting-edge technology to enhance the learning experience for my students. From the precision of Trackman and the insights of SAM Puttlab to the biomechanical analysis of K-Motion 3D and the stability training of V1 Balance Board, I am certified at Level 2 in all these tools.  

In addition to my technological expertise, I am proud to be TPI certified Level 2, allowing me to take a holistic approach to teaching. By addressing every facet of the game, from swing mechanics to skill acquisition and performance-based practice to mental fortitude, I strive to cultivate well-rounded players who exude confidence and consistency on the course.

While I relish the one-on-one interactions of individual coaching, my true specialty lies in group programming. Over the years, I've witnessed remarkable transformations within my group classes, where camaraderie and shared enthusiasm fuel collective improvement.

For me, golf isn't just a game—it's a passion that fuels my purpose. Whether you're a beginner taking your first swings or a seasoned player seeking refinement, I am dedicated to helping you realize your fullest potential. Let's embark on this journey together and unlock the greatness within you.

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Tel: 215-813-0237

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