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A goal without a plan is just a Wish.

Week 1 was both very successful and very frustrating. I was able to do to everything I planned on at the beginning of the week. I was very pleased with my ability to stay disciplined and get the work done. The three major focuses this week were on swing technique, physical training and mental work.

Swing Technique:

I spoke with my coach, Ryan Chaney, and reviewed the key components to my swing.

As this week was all about getting the technical foundations in line, I spent most of my time doing technical drill work.

I tend to get very passive with my lower body. The hips stop and my arms run on. When that happens, I steepen the club on the way down and get into a position where I can hit some pretty awful golf shots. The drill below forces me to finish the backswing with my lower body. My goal in this drill is to get the hips and the hands to finish the backswing at the same time.

I did this drill at the beginning of every practice session. I monitored the swings using video feedback. I had very little concern for where the ball was going during this practice. I just wanted to make sure that I could get the club and body matched up. After this I moved onto slow motion swings. I removed the stick and made full swings at a very slow speed. Again, I used video feedback to make sure that I was maintaining the work I had done on the technique, while trying to get the sequence of the swing together.

At the end of the week, I was able to play one round of golf. My focus in this round was to play golf swing, rather than playing golf. My goal for the round was to focus solely on making the swing I had been doing in technical practice and do it on the course. I felt I did a really good job of sticking to that focus; however, the results of the shots were not what I would have liked to see.

Mental Game:

After the round of golf, I was frustrated with the results I saw on the course. I was hoping the work would transition to the course easily. That was clearly wishful thinking. Thankfully, the mental work I have been doing helped me.

So far, one of the biggest takeaways from Dr. McCabe's virtual program has been in the section on preparation. I have a plan for what I need to do, now it is about sticking to the plan and building on each step of the ladder. The goal this week was to work on the technique. I did that, and I did it well. Being frustrated not seeing results was ok, it just made me realize how much more work I need to do, and where that effort needs to be focused.

Physical Training:

I had to make a tweak to my intended schedule to get the workouts in. The plan was to work out early AM, however both kids got sick. Because I never knew when they were going to wake up, workouts were pushed to nighttime, after everyone went to bed. The daily mobility program has had great results. I feel much better, and it has helped with what I am trying to do with my swing.

Week 2:

"A goal without a plan is just a wish" is one of my favorite quotes. It's a reminder to me to focus on what I need to do, rather than just focusing on what I want to occur. It keeps me present and engaged in the daily work.

This week I will start to add in performance work to my swing work. Mental work and physical training programs stay the same as I have found a nice way to balance all of them into my schedule.

I will start to put pressure on my practice after doing my foundational work. I have to start putting pressure on my practice to prepare myself the best I can for the pressure of competition. I will share more about this next week when I go into the recap. I also know I promised a video on Youtube going in depth on swing work, but I caught whatever the kids have and have had no voice for the last 2 days. Once I have that back I will record it and get it up.

Thank you for following along in this journey. I love all the feedback and kind words. I can't tell you how much that support means. Any and all comments are always welcome.

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3 commentaires

Paul Hylbert
Paul Hylbert
10 juil. 2023


The lower body drill looked really good to me. I can use it now by visualizing and using my sticks, but that's something we should add to my next lesson. Paul


10 juil. 2023

Its helpful to me to follow your thinking and your doing


Marc Cohen
Marc Cohen
10 juil. 2023

Proud of your discipline. Imreesed with your plan. Good work.

M. Cohen

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