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Tournament feedback, refining the process.

I received a lot of feedback from the article last week, especially in regard to the videos of my swing and what I was working on. I created a long-form video on YouTube for those that are interested. I breakdown where my swing was and what I've worked on over the past 4 years to get where I am. I think it is helpful in showing the process, and how long it can take to make big changes in the swing. I still consider my swing a work in progress, and probably always will. It is always a process of trying to refine the swing and enhance the skills around it.

Week 2 Recap:

One of the best things I've learned from the mental work I've done in Dr. Bhrett McCabe's program is how to prepare for competition and what to expect. Monday, I had a Pro-Am at TPC Prestancia, which had an individual component for the Pros. It was a great opportunity for me to really test my game and see if I could start to implement what I've been working on with my mental strategies and swing work.

In the mental program, one of the things I took away is that there will almost always be a regression from practice into competition. As pressure increases, it becomes more of a test. This was certainly true for my event. I was anxious early in the round. I made some very tentative swings and hit some shots that weren't very good. During this stretch I continually reminded myself of my goals and what I wanted to do. I was able to limit the damage to my score in those first few holes and then managed to get myself more focused and present on what I was doing. I started to hit some really great shots and got myself to 2-under par with a few holes left in the round. Reflecting after the round I realized my "funnel of focus" flipped upside down on the last few holes, as I started to think about the outcome. Some sloppy shots lead to a few bogies and an even par finish.

Overall, I was very happy with the result of the event. Even though I wasn't comfortable, and really working both mental and technical aspects of my game, I was still able to post a score. The event also gave me good feedback for I am mentally, what I may expect to feel at the event, and most importantly, what I need to continue to work on. As you can see, I'm hitting a lot of high-quality shots. I'm also hitting too many poor shots. I believe this a combination of still thinking on the swing, as well as not being fully focused on the course.

After the event on Monday, I was still able to get in everything I planned on doing. My technical sessions are getting more and more refined and specific. Workouts have stayed on schedule, and I'm starting to find that the work in the gym with the Fit for Golf app, is starting to translate into my swing work. I feel stronger and have had more energy, which is a necessity when trying to practice after giving lessons in this heat.

Week 3 Plan:

With 3 weeks left until the event my practice needs to become more and more competitive/pressured. The detail in which we prepare shows up when we get into competition. I know for myself, I have to continue to be more and more demanding in practice, so that I know I've done everything I can, and I feel like I can compete with whatever I have that week.

During practice sessions this week I will start with my technical work, as that is the foundation. No matter how mentally prepared we are, it doesn't much matter if the skills aren't at the level, you need them to be. After technical work is done, I will move into more performance-based practice. Testing myself and grading the results. I also have to make time for short-game and putting work, as I've neglected those two areas.

Physically, I've found a nice routine for workouts and mobility work. That will stay on the same schedule. The work on the mental game also stays on the same schedule. But this week I need to add in some more time in the evenings for it. What I found in working through the program, and then playing in the event, is that I need to really determine who I am on the golf course, and what mindset I need to be in to perform my best. Next week I'll go the exercises I do this week to work through that process.


At the beginning of this blog, I said one of the things I had to do was find balance. Throughout the week I teach, practice, play, workout, do mental work, write and work on social media. What I refuse to give up is family time. This is the time that resets me, makes me present, and keeps everything in perspective. Here are a few of my favorite shots from this week with the family.

I hope you enjoyed the article and I look forward to letting you know how next week goes. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please reach out. You can also follow me on the social media platforms below where I check in throughout the week.

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